One year old!

by AndyMac

Ada just turned one year old! We’ve already had a lot of adventures, and many more to go. Here’s a few of my favorite photos so far:

Ada liked to be as warm as she could get. She’s only days old here.

She had the funniest toothless grin at first! Two months old here.

After the first couple months, such a happy baby!

Almost 4 months old and loving life.

Winter weather means hats!

Winter also means the snow suit and carseat … I can’t move, Dad!

Our first swim lessons were all about “find the red octopus toy”

Still quick with a smile at 7 months!

Sitting up easily before 8 months, and we love us some Grover (or at least “ro-ro”‘s tag to chew on)

We got to play in the snow, but it’s hard to play in a bulky suit

Ten months old, very mobile, and ready for summer!

11 months old and “Ro-Ro” is still one of our favorites

Isn’t summer on the lawn great?

Throw me in the air some more!

The first birthday was a good one! Turns out, we like cake (and pretty much every other food!)





El Camino Updates 2

by AndyMac

elky004I’ve actually made some good progress on the El Camino since my last update. It was my daily driver for two years, so I’d say the updates went well.

I had plenty of minor electrical issues, rebuilt the carb with Rob, worked on fixing the brakes at least five different times until I realized it was the combination valve, had the hardest time finding a large vacuum leak on a temperature control valve on the air intake, and overall had tons of small issues that took plenty of troubleshooting.

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Welcome to Ada Jane!

by AndyMac

Goalposts ... if her arms aren't in front of her face, they're still nearby.

Goalposts … if her arms aren’t in front of her face, they’re still nearby.

In early July, we had a little girl: Ada Jane McLauthlin. She weighed in at 7 lbs 7 oz and measured 19 1/2 inches, and everyone is healthy. As of a few days ago (just over 4 weeks old), she was up to 8 lbs 10 oz and starting to outgrow the newborn clothes!

I wanted to have somewhere to share some pictures with folks that wasn’t Facebook, so here we are: (Read more…)


by AndyMac

Yep, Thailand! We both wanted to take a big vacation, but not anything too expensive, and it just so happened that Ravi and Katie were currently stationed in Thailand and available when we were. This also coincided with our first anniversary, making it a little more special.

We did so many little things each day on our trip, and people have been asking for all kinds of different details, so I think I’ll try to describe the trip day by day and cover all those questions at once. That will make this post¬†really long, so maybe just scan through the pictures if you want ;). (Read more…)


by AndyMac

It’s taken me a while to get this up here, but I wanted to share some pictures from our trip to St Lucia!

Liz beat me to it and put together a cute photo book of the trip, so I’m going to basically copy her excellent selections up here.




(Each of these images links to a larger version)

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