HostIGR: Revamped

HostIGR is getting a facelift. We had a pretty slow year with the economy in the shape it’s been in and with all of us being busy with other things, but we’ve started working on a new website for a great business (a bike painter at, and that’s got us excited to do more work.

So we’ve redesigned our site to make it more accessible, and more fun. We’re moving our shopping cart (which we rarely use, most customers just write us a check) to a separate page, and concentrating on fun tidbits, our featured sites that we’re developing, and of course, some talk about why businesses do need websites these days.

Feel free to stop by the site and comment. Make suggestions, add your input, whatever! We’re going to keep updating and changing things (this isn’t the final form), but it’s at a working, releasable state now!

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