Basement Remodel

We’re working on modifying our basement a little. Our house has two identical floor plans … a small bedroom, a living room, bathroom, and stairs. Upstairs is the kitchen, and downstairs is the laundry room and an odd space.

So we’re changing the downstairs to include a master bedroom rather than an odd space and a living room.

I thought the first step was going to be pushing the door back to the downstairs bedroom so we could fit a full sized door where the master bedroom was going to be, but it turns out we have one of our house’s supporting posts there, so no go.

Instead, we’re installing a regular sized door at an angle into the current opening.

So far, we have the opening roughed in and the sheetrock up. The carpet is going to be completely replaced (eventually), so I’m not too worried about that part :).

On the other wall, we’re putting in a pocket door so we can have a nice walk-in closet. Christa also has her vanity in there with (crazy) bright lights for it. We’ll do a picture of the inside once I have the furniture moved out of it (currently it’s housing a bookcase and has stuff crammed in there so we can build the pocket door).

Here we’ve already got the door hung and roughed in place. Not putting the sheetrock in place just yet since I’m waiting for some liquid nails to dry on the wall stop board and the floor.

Fun fact: the two walls right here are about 3 degrees out of line with each other. Doesn’t sound like much, but is very visible in the line of the door. Nothing you’d notice unless you were looking for it … or trying to plumb a door.

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