Basement Remodel II

Got a bit further. All the “construction” (other than floors) is done!

Got the bathroom ceiling reinstalled. The electrician “moved” one of the main ceiling braces when he put the light fixture in. Turns out, that means he cut the 2×4 in half and hammered it out of the way. Hence, holes in the ceiling where the drywall screws were, cracked plaster, and broken drywall. Oops.

So we re-framed in a “H” pattern to go around the light fixture and keep the supports where they’re supposed to be, then put a new piece of greenboard in place.

Next, I’ll paint, then rewire the light (electrician was still /way/ worth it even just to get the wiring to where the light is … he told us right up front he’s not a construction or drywall guy 🙂 ).

Not too easy to see here, but we installed the door at an angle (15 degrees or so), created a wall there, and sanded them together to look smooth. The opening now is about 2 inches smaller than it was, but at an angle still, so furniture should still get in and out ok.

Lastly, we finished the pocket door. It’s stained and in place, the wall is joined up, and we’re all ready for new carpet!

Next step is paint. We’ve got a lot of touch-ups to do and a few “new” walls to do. We’ll get the new walk in closet painted, then the bedroom, then the bathroom. Once that’s all done, I can start tiling the bathroom floor and replace that old toilet. We’ve also got the hallway and stairs left to paint, then new carpet downstairs!

It’s coming along!

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