Steamboat Springs for Labor Day

We took a nice, relaxing trip to a cabin outside of Steamboat Springs over Labor Day weekend. Being as it was Labor Day, this is probably close to the last big motorcycle trip we’ll be taking this year.

The route didn’t have too many options … there were a couple scenic paths we could have detoured through, but by the time we were near them, we were really just pushing to get there. We left Denver about 2pm on Friday and almost immediately hit I-70 traffic for the weekend going up into the hills. Soon, though, we were at the tunnel construction before Idaho Springs. It took us at least an hour, probably an hour and a half just to get to Idaho Springs, and much of that time was spent doing 2 to 5 mph. In the rain.

It was slightly better that it was raining, though, since spending an hour walking the motorcycle in leathers in 90 degree heat would have been worse.

So we ended up just wanting to take the normal route:


The one variation was Highway 134 off of Highway 40. That drove us through Route National Forest and Arapaho National Forest. Turned out, that was also grazing land, so we were frequently confronted with cows on the road. One in particular did not think we were very amusing. Since we were on a motorcycle and that bull probably still weighed more than the bike, our luggage, and the rider / passenger, we decided to wait on him.

Eventually, we wound our way around to the actual cabin:



There were a few miles of dirt road to navigate on our street-tire motorcycle, and a few decent hills as well, so since we arrived in the dark, it took us even longer to find this place which was really in the middle of nowhere.

There were plenty of reasons for this trip, but at a minimum, we were invited to celebrate Darick’s and Mr Richter’s birthdays, so there was also cake to be had!

The cabin itself had plenty of amenities. You can’t easily tell from the outside picture, but inside was fairly elaborate and decorated with … interesting … taste:



Also, being as we were in the middle of nowhere, there was ample opportunity for some easy hiking with the tots:



Darick and I got a campfire going where we had s’mores and discovered that a tiny bit of Jack Daniels can make a whole lot of blue flame. There was a hot tub, jacuzzi, pool table, 5 bedrooms, and a big porch to hang out on. Very nice place!

We took the same route back, stopping in Kremmling and Idaho Springs (and a few other places to rest the bum).



The ride back was mostly uneventful, except that again it rained over Berthoud Pass, and this time, I didn’t have the foresight to put on my rain gear. Thankfully it was still a pretty warm day, so once we were down from Berthoud, I dried off very quickly.

Thanks to Darick, Lynda, Mr Richter, and Kari! We had a great trip 🙂


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