One year old!

Ada just turned one year old! We’ve already had a lot of adventures, and many more to go. Here’s a few of my favorite photos so far:

Ada liked to be as warm as she could get. She’s only days old here.

She had the funniest toothless grin at first! Two months old here.
After the first couple months, such a happy baby!
Almost 4 months old and loving life.
Winter weather means hats!
Winter also means the snow suit and carseat … I can’t move, Dad!
Our first swim lessons were all about “find the red octopus toy”
Still quick with a smile at 7 months!
Sitting up easily before 8 months, and we love us some Grover (or at least “ro-ro”‘s tag to chew on)
We got to play in the snow, but it’s hard to play in a bulky suit
Ten months old, very mobile, and ready for summer!
11 months old and “Ro-Ro” is still one of our favorites
Isn’t summer on the lawn great?
Throw me in the air some more!
The first birthday was a good one! Turns out, we like cake (and pretty much every other food!)





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