East side of the island

Liz and I headed to Mexico at the end of January to pay our respects to Liz’s dad, Paul. He enjoyed going to Isla Mujeres in the winter to fish for sailfish, and his wish was to have his ashes scattered on a similar trip. So this was a trip for his kids, Scott and Liz, and Becky to spend some time together, and to honor that wish. It was also a new place for Liz and I as I’d never been to Mexico (except perhaps as a very young child) and Liz had only really spent time in the touristy areas of Cancun, so we spent 7 days there overall.

Isla Mujeres is certainly also touristy, but still has the feel of a small island and being in-country (a little).

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It’s taken me a long time to get to writing this, but it’s finally here! Liz and I took a trip to Sweden in July of 2017, were graciously hosted by our friends Rob and Annrika, and we had a blast!


This is the word I’d use to describe our trip in general. I found Sweden to be friendly, safe, similar to “home” in many ways, and easy to get around. Granted, we had our guides for the whole trip, but it wouldn’t have been hard to get around otherwise for someone who spoke little to no Swedish. Continue reading “Sweden”


Yep, Thailand! We both wanted to take a big vacation, but not anything too expensive, and it just so happened that Ravi and Katie were currently stationed in Thailand and available when we were. This also coincided with our first anniversary, making it a little more special.

We did so many little things each day on our trip, and people have been asking for all kinds of different details, so I think I’ll try to describe the trip day by day and cover all those questions at once. That will make this post¬†really long, so maybe just scan through the pictures if you want ;). Continue reading “Thailand”


It’s taken me a while to get this up here, but I wanted to share some pictures from our trip to St Lucia!

Liz beat me to it and put together a cute photo book of the trip, so I’m going to basically copy her excellent selections up here.



(Each of these images links to a larger version)

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Glen Haven 2013

I just recently got an opportunity to go up to Glen Haven after the flooding and try to help out for a day. It was incredible to see the amount of damage done and it was awesome to see the community gathering to put things back together. My Aunt and Uncle were up there for most of the flood and are rebuilding … their house having weathered the storm.

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