Dragon Boats!

hongkongOn the weekend of July 27th and 28th, Liz, Aaron, and I rowed Dragon Boats. Aaron was on a team from his work, and Liz and I were on the OCA team that she participated in last year. She and I practiced exactly twice before the race, and in some senses, it definitely showed. We got to see some folks who practice every week, and even competed against them (we lost). Overall, though, we hit 4th out of 16 races in the qualifying event! Not bad!

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Meeker Range Call Weekend

bootsGot mostly over the sickness of the previous weeks, and this July 4th weekend, Liz and I took a road trip to Meeker, Colorado. Why Meeker? Well, the inspiration was that Gloriana was going to be playing there, but they were also one of the places still hosting fireworks, and to top it off, they were having a rodeo! I seemed to have recovered enough to make the trip, so we decided to try! Continue reading “Meeker Range Call Weekend”

Amit’s Visit to Denver

So Amit came out to visit this last weekend. It’s a weird time to be visiting … we just got another couple inches of snow on Wednesday after a 70 degree weekend. Skiing isn’t good now, but Trailridge is still closed and thanks to the snow, hiking trails are really muddy. All kinds of in-between. Thankfully, his visit was at least mostly pleasant weather (50’s and 60’s). This trip’s theme, in retrospect, was “live music and good food”. Continue reading “Amit’s Visit to Denver”