HTPC: The Concept

I’ll probably do a few posts about my HTPC build as I go along. This is the first …

What is a Home Theater PC? In its most basic form, it’s a computer that attaches to your TV or entertainment system. Generally, it’s a component you connect to watch digital media. That could be from a blue ray drive in your HTPC, local files (movies and pictures you have stored) on the box or on a NAS or file server, or from the internet.

I was looking into this for quite a while. For me, the drive was getting rid of cable TV. Without that, I have my own personal media (that I’ve wanted to put onto a file server for quite a while), Netflix streaming, Hulu, and other streaming services. Not to mention the several websites (like that stream TV shows free of charge (with commercials, of course). I didn’t just want to watch all of that from my computer, though, when I have a very nice entertainment system.

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Going for a Masters degree in Computer Science

So for a while, I’ve been wanting to go back to school (yes, again). I have dual goals here. First, I just never had much actual “schooling” in Computer Science, instead, I found myself learning on the job any time I needed to know something. For the most part, that’s worked fine for me, but there’s a lot that I could have done better with some basic courses in Data Structures, Algorithms, etc. Now, I find that I probably have more experience than a BS would offer (by far), but I’m interested in some of the more “advanced” concepts … Automata, AI, Graph Theory, etc. I often have ideas and am told that the idea is a subset of one of these advanced fields, so it would be very interesting to actually get a decent background in many of these fields. Continue reading “Going for a Masters degree in Computer Science”

Taking a new job: Polycom!

I’ve been with Northrop Grumman since roughly December of 2002. It’s been a great place! I got to start my career having no idea what I was capable of (going into a company that does mostly software with a EE background? Crazy!), I got to meet some truly amazing people, I got to work on projects that taxed my skills and made me learn new things, I even got to finish my BS in Physics with them. By all accounts, Northrop appreciated my work as well. Continue reading “Taking a new job: Polycom!”