Aero: Lowers Install

First, I had to get the bike raised up (don’t do this, you’ll see why in the next step) and ready to work on. Thought I’d show you my workspace so you can all feel better about yourselves and I can whine!

Here you see my bike up on the lift, which has to be propped up on a 1/2″ piece of MDF because my “garage” isn’t level. You’ll also notice the two 2×6’s there … that’s what I have to drive up onto so I can fit my “level” lift under the bike. You can imagine this is a bit of a balancing act.

You might also notice the flash went off and the large amount of shadowing in the back. That’s right, there’s no electricity in this garage and no lights.

Lastly, you might notice how little space is around the bike. That’s what I have to work with here. With the boxes the wife has in there, I probably have about 5 feet of room from wall to wall. Continue reading “Aero: Lowers Install”

Aero: Digital Guard Dawg / Clock Install

So this time, I’m working on installing the Digital Guard Dawg alarm and keyeless ignition system as well as a EL black face clock. The clock install was so easy, I probably won’t detail it (use a pilot hole, a hole saw roughly the size of the VTX ring they’ll send you, and JB Weld the sucker in place … done), but here’s the picture of the kit I got from DGD. THAT install wasn’t nearly so easy. It would have been if Honda didn’t make some very interesting choices about how their switches would work on these bikes, but the customer service at DGD was amazing. Continue reading “Aero: Digital Guard Dawg / Clock Install”