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One year old!

by AndyMac

Ada just turned one year old! We’ve already had a lot of adventures, and many more to go. Here’s a few of my favorite photos so far:

Ada liked to be as warm as she could get. She’s only days old here.

She had the funniest toothless grin at first! Two months old here.

After the first couple months, such a happy baby!

Almost 4 months old and loving life.

Winter weather means hats!

Winter also means the snow suit and carseat … I can’t move, Dad!

Our first swim lessons were all about “find the red octopus toy”

Still quick with a smile at 7 months!

Sitting up easily before 8 months, and we love us some Grover (or at least “ro-ro”‘s tag to chew on)

We got to play in the snow, but it’s hard to play in a bulky suit

Ten months old, very mobile, and ready for summer!

11 months old and “Ro-Ro” is still one of our favorites

Isn’t summer on the lawn great?

Throw me in the air some more!

The first birthday was a good one! Turns out, we like cake (and pretty much every other food!)





Welcome to Ada Jane!

by AndyMac

Goalposts ... if her arms aren't in front of her face, they're still nearby.

Goalposts … if her arms aren’t in front of her face, they’re still nearby.

In early July, we had a little girl: Ada Jane McLauthlin. She weighed in at 7 lbs 7 oz and measured 19 1/2 inches, and everyone is healthy. As of a few days ago (just over 4 weeks old), she was up to 8 lbs 10 oz and starting to outgrow the newborn clothes!

I wanted to have somewhere to share some pictures with folks that wasn’t Facebook, so here we are: (Read more…)


by AndyMac

The wedding went off with glorious hitches! It was a gorgeous fall day, and things were set to go off at 4pm. We opted for a “first look”, which was a new idea to me, but one I very much liked. At about 2pm, Liz and I were driven out to meet each other. We got some time to see each other, talk, get some of the emotions and jitters under control, and of course, the photographers were at a semi-discreet distance the whole time. (Read more…)

Glen Haven 2013

by AndyMac

I just recently got an opportunity to go up to Glen Haven after the flooding and try to help out for a day. It was incredible to see the amount of damage done and it was awesome to see the community gathering to put things back together. My Aunt and Uncle were up there for most of the flood and are rebuilding … their house having weathered the storm.

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El Camino Updates

by AndyMac


Been doing some more work on the Elky. Took a bigger hit on taxes this year than I’d expected (by a lot), so I’m doing things in a much different order than I’d expected. Then I had the weekend of epic water leaks into the cab, so priorities changed again.

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El Camino

by AndyMac

elcaminoSo I did a silly thing.

In the middle of winter, I sold my nice 4×4 Jeep Cherokee and bought a rear wheel drive, 42 year old, 3500 lb muscle car with street tires on it. It does not do snow well (though I can manage).

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Building a media center – stage 1

by AndyMac

A while back, I built a media center PC. I also have a receiver, a PS3 (mostly for blue-ray / dvd playing these days), and a center speaker. Currently they’re sitting on a functional, but not very pretty piece of 1970’s modular furniture. That needed to change.

I didn’t really want to spend a lot of cash on a nice piece, and I also didn’t want just a 2010’s piece of modular furniture. Mostly, though, I wanted my center speaker to actually sit in the center, and I wanted all my components to actually fit and be able to hide the wires effectively. So I decided to build my own. Nothing flashy, but it’d be a fun project regardless.

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Upgrading the Jeep’s Headlights

by AndyMac

So I finally got a warning for driving with only one headlight. The officer did not seem to think that it “counted” that I had two fog lamps on also, and since I’d just received all the parts in the mail to perform this upgrade, it was time to get started.

The Jeep has always had dim headlights, and I’d originally just chalked that up to the fact that they use an “all in one” kind of bulb, where the bulb and headlamp come as one assembly (you replace the whole, big, square lens along with the bulb every time).

This time, I looked it up and found that wasn’t the case.

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Going for a Masters degree in Computer Science

by AndyMac

So for a while, I’ve been wanting to go back to school (yes, again). I have dual goals here. First, I just never had much actual “schooling” in Computer Science, instead, I found myself learning on the job any time I needed to know something. For the most part, that’s worked fine for me, but there’s a lot that I could have done better with some basic courses in Data Structures, Algorithms, etc. Now, I find that I probably have more experience than a BS would offer (by far), but I’m interested in some of the more “advanced” concepts … Automata, AI, Graph Theory, etc. I often have ideas and am told that the idea is a subset of one of these advanced fields, so it would be very interesting to actually get a decent background in many of these fields. (Read more…)

Basement Remodel III

by AndyMac

So we’ve actually been “done” with the remodel for a little while now, but haven’t taken pictures, so here’s an update!

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Taking a new job: Polycom!

by AndyMac

I’ve been with Northrop Grumman since roughly December of 2002. It’s been a great place! I got to start my career having no idea what I was capable of (going into a company that does mostly software with a EE background? Crazy!), I got to meet some truly amazing people, I got to work on projects that taxed my skills and made me learn new things, I even got to finish my BS in Physics with them. By all accounts, Northrop appreciated my work as well. (Read more…)

My Jeep was stolen!

by AndyMac

Here’s the story for those who may have missed it:

The night before, I got home about 11:30pm. I’d gone over to a friend’s house to visit and have supper, and of course got caught up in helping with various projects he had. When I got home, I took the dog out, so I knew my Jeep was there as of about midnight.

The wife and I got up one morning (I think it was a Monday around 8:30am) and started going about our usual routine. For her, that includes walking the dog. She came back inside and asked me, “Did you park your Jeep somewhere else last night?” (Read more…)

Basement Remodel II

by AndyMac

Got a bit further. All the “construction” (other than floors) is done! (Read more…)

Basement Remodel

by AndyMac

We’re working on modifying our basement a little. Our house has two identical floor plans … a small bedroom, a living room, bathroom, and stairs. Upstairs is the kitchen, and downstairs is the laundry room and an odd space.

So we’re changing the downstairs to include a master bedroom rather than an odd space and a living room. (Read more…)

HostIGR: Revamped

by AndyMac

HostIGR is getting a facelift. We had a pretty slow year with the economy in the shape it’s been in and with all of us being busy with other things, but we’ve started working on a new website for a great business (a bike painter at, and that’s got us excited to do more work. (Read more…)